Miri Jedeikin on KTLA!Mon October 19, 2015, 6:11 pm

ICYMI - Miri Jedeikin hosted a Fall Vintage Fashion Trends segment on this morning's KTLA! Check it out --

CONGRATS TO CMEG'S DONNA RUKO AND BRADLEY HASEMEYER! Winners at the 2015 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards, for Scripps Network's The List !!

Magazine Program - Program/Special The List Super Show Scripps Shannon Richards, Producer Rick Joyce, Executive Producer Mark Oltz, Photographer/MMJ Donna Ruko, Host Teresa Strasser, Host Bradley Hasemeyer, Host
Lauren Mayhew on TYT SportsThu October 15, 2015, 8:19 pm

Lauren Mayhew joins the TYT Sports panel to chat about all the latest in SPORTS :)

The NFL KILLED the Deadspin and SB Nation Twitter Accounts. WTF? -

Do WWE Athletes Consider Wrestling A Sport [feat. former WWE Ring Girl Lauren Mayhew]? -

Richest World Football Players 2015 [Who Made The List NOT Named Ronaldo Or Messi?] -



Tiffany Smith counts down the scariest horror movies that have changed the way we live our lives. Brought to us by & After Dark Films.

WATCH (YouTube) -- // (Facebook) -

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Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande "What Do You Mean?" Remix in the Works?! Clevver TV's Tiffany Taylor has the scoop -


In this episode of Daily You, Lani Nishiyama goes head to head with AmandasChronicles in the Cotton Ball Challenge with some pretty high stakes... the loser has to have their arm hair waxed! LOL (& OUCH!!) Check it out here --

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Rhonda Rousey says she was totally snubbed by Justin Bieber -

5 Most WTF moments from AHS: Hotel premier -

Becky G stirs up drama on Empire episode 3 -

Watch episode 13 of Movie3Some with Tiffany Smith and Kristian Harloff HERE:

On this episode of Movie3Some, Alicia Malone (film geek, interviewer & creator of many awkward moments) drops by to celebrate Kristian’s Birthday, talk horror movies, and they put Alicia’s Aussie skills to the test.


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Tiffany Phillips appearing on ABC's SCANDAL!!Thu October 8, 2015, 2:43 pm

Lauren Mayhew on Pop Trigger!Wed October 7, 2015, 8:29 pm

Check out Lauren's recent work on TYT Network's Pop Trigger !!


Trans Woman Growing Breasts Ask When Facebook Will Censor Them -


Carl's Jr. "Tex-Mex" Ad Sexualizes Immigration -


Katy Perry Fan Gropes And Kisses Her On The Neck During Concert -


Honey Boo Boo "Movin' Up" Music Video -

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