CMEG Clients on AXN Avenue JapanThu February 19, 2015, 7:24 pm

Check out the following AXN Avenue segments with Andrea Feczko, Shae Wilbur and Erika Ross, on popular Japanese network, AXN!

Andrea Feczko - "Erewhon Natural Foods" -- ;

Andrea Feczko - "Jacquie Aiche" --

Andrea Feczko - "NIKOLAKI" --

Andrea Feczko - "Biking Culture in Los Angeles" --

Andrea Feczko - "DK's Donuts" --

Shae Wilbur - "Baby Wearing Ballet" --

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There's a good chance you know someone with a back injury. And you want to avoid a similar fate. Sara Haley is a Santa Monica-based pre- and postnatal exercise specialist and creator of the "Expecting More" workout series for pregnant women. She says we all run the risk of back injury when we use our backs, instead of our legs, to pick items up. This exercise will help you learn to use your legs, whether you're hoisting a baby out of a crib or lifting a hefty bag of groceries out of a cart... Full article (& step by step instructional video) HERE!

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The move also will "breathe new life into the character," says commentator  Tiffany Smith . "If Marvel does it right, these movies will only make us even more excited to see Spidey's side stories."

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"Love Your Mommy Tummy" Blog by Sara Haley:


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Gretchen Rossi Celebrity Correspondent For RumorFix Posted on January 23rd, 2015 at 5:50 pm -





The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Gretchen Rossi joins RumorFix as celebrity...

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