Damona Hoffman starring in FYI's #BlackLove - Article in People

5 Women Embark on Journey to Find Their Soulmates in FYI's #BlackLove

For women living in the Big Apple, the dating pool can often feel small. 

PEOPLE can exclusively reveal that FYI's latest series #BlackLove, premiering in December, will follow five women in New York City as they embark on a life-changing journey to discover just what they're doing wrong when it comes to finding true love. 

These powerful women – including newly single Monet Bell from Married at First Sight – seem to paint the picture of a perfect life: They have beauty, intelligence and success ... but no one to share them with.

With the guidance of relationship experts Damona Hoffman and Jack A. Daniels, the women will navigate the dating world – including returning to the scene after divorce, pursuing same-sex love and negotiating interracial relationships – all while receiving constructive feedback on what exactly they're doing right (and wrong) when it comes to finding their soulmates. 


Full Article in People Magazine here: http://www.people.com/article/black-love-fyi-reality-show