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Damona Hoffman Does Online Dating at Digital Hollywood

Damona Hoffman

Damona Hoffman

By: Dr. Laura Wilhelm, LauraWil Intercultural

Marina del Rey, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/27/15 – Online dating and relationship expert Damona Hoffman spoke at the Digital Hollywood panel A Woman’s Vision of Wellness: Empowering Lifestyle Through Community-From Social Media and Internet to Film and TV that took place on Wednesday, October 21st from 3:50-5 p.m. at the Marina del Rey Ritz Carlton. The audience turnout was good for the panel with both male and female participants, many of whom said it was their favorite discussion of the whole conference.

d4The online dating space is growing every day. As a Northwestern graduate and certified coach, Damona Hoffman has led thousands to their relationships today. She is the host of Dates & Mates; author of Spin Your Web: How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating; a contributor to the Huffington Post; and more.

This reporter was fortunate to be one of the very first people to hear about Damona Hoffman’s new reality television show called#BlackLove that will premiere on the FYI Network on December 8th with ten hour-long weekly episodes. The show will feature five African-American women in New York City who are trying to navigate a tough dating pool and find love.



The #BlackLove lineup will include newly single Married At First Sight star Monet Bell along with Laree Thomas, Tennesha Wood, Cynthia Branch, and Jahmil Eady. On each episode, the women will attend workshops “on provocative themes related to love” and consult with Damona and fellow relationship expert Jack A. Daniels.

Hoffman agrees that Southern California can be a real fantasyland when people try to make romantic connections, especially in Hollywood. It is very easy to maintain unrealistic expectations about potential mates online.

The upside of the online format is that it can reach entirely new audience areas. Hoffman’s background in TV production has been very useful in the dating arena.

d2As when marketing any kind of product, people do best when they keep their uniqueness in mind and try to appeal to the right people rather than try to be all things to all people. Humor and life context make dating candidates seem more interesting and approachable. Looks are often not the primary selling point.

In Hollywood it may help to look at shared qualities rather than specific roles in dating partners. Quite a few people are on paths where there is no direct or clear-cut route to success.

Many in this area feel like they are married to their jobs. “Where the attention goes, the energy flows.” Those who get proactive about their love lives are more likely to be successful.

Monet & Vaughn

Monet & Vaughn

More women are now getting advanced degrees and this may limit the pool of men who can be equal partners for them. Nevertheless, there are plenty of men who appreciate independent and confident women.

Dating “muscles” can atrophy after decades of secure relationships and work in professional environments where there is zero tolerance for sexually based behavior. Both men and women sometimes have to make a big effort to get their groove back the second time around in cases of divorce from or death of a spouse.

This THT reporter thanks Damona Hoffman for sharing her expertise and will be eager to help her promote all ten episodes of the new show. Reality can indeed be much stranger than fiction!


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