Annabelle DeSisto featured in HuffPost!

Keeping Up with the Kitten in Command: Annabelle DeSisto of 'Adderall & Compliments' | HuffPost

"Annabelle DeSisto and I have been on the phone for over an hour. Much like her podcast format for Adderall and Compliments, we’ve discussed everything from insecurities resulting from childhood, the fact that we both have scoliosis (”Scoli Sisters!” she excitedly exclaims), taunts we heard as kids (Hers: “Mannabelle” Mine: “Shave off your afro or chop your head off so I can see the board!”) to Bravo shows. It feels almost surreal that I am getting my chance to chat with her because I’ve been listening to her witty observations and candid Millennial style of oversharing. The fact that Annabelle can switch gears from recapping the latest Real Housewives to chronicling her mortifying experience being in a beauty pageant after weight loss is refreshing for this Gen Xer."