Jessie Willner


Fashion Designer & Visual Artist, Jessie Willner, comes from a genetic line of artistic and eccentric women. She's been raised on the ideology that the tool of creativity is the most powerful you can wield. 

Over her young life, Jessie has delved into every area in the realm of art. Starting with her grandmother's sculpting projects as a toddler, visual art has always kept most of her attention. At 7, she started taking animation classes. At 11, she learned photography. 12, graphic design. 17, film and editing. 18, set and art direction. She graduated high school at 16 and became a freelance visual artist and designer, opting out of any university degrees to continue her hectic creative schedule. Fashion design was virgin territory for her, and like all prior fields, she dove in headfirst. With absolutely no formal training, she spent a year teaching herself and assimilating all the knowledge she could avail herself of. As a result of this process, The Mighty Company was born. Upon its inception it became clear that Willner brought the full force of her perfectionism, since she had a hand in everything about it. She did all graphic design for the online interface, executed all the editing and art direction of every shoot, illustrated every piece of art on all branding and packaging, tweaked the backend coding for web, ran the day-today operations and of course, designed every item of clothing in the collection.

Though it's apparent she puts her soul into whatever she embarks upon, Willner's ultimate purpose is to prove a point beyond fashion: She wants to demonstrate that it's possible to take the daring road of the creation of art, despite the world's invitation to take the safe path through life. With one year since the launch of her company and over 90 press articles written in that time, it seems this is just the start.


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