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Zach Noe Towers is a stand up comedian and host based out of Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Saint Louis, MO, Zach started performing at young age, being cast in countless productions at The Muny (America's oldest and largest outdoor theatre), and eventually receiving his BA in Musical Theatre from Indiana University--Bloomington. Since hightailing it out west, Zach has begun making a home for himself on both stage and screen.

An up-and-comer in the comedy scene, Zach has already begun performing all over the country. He's graced the stages of Saint Louis Pride, RSVP/Atlantis Cruise Lines, as well as several outstanding festivals, such as SF SketchFest in San Francisco and The Accidental Comedy Fest in Cleveland, OH. Zach performs all over Los Angeles, and you can catch him hosting his own show "BRUNCH" the first Sunday of every month at the Hidden Comedy House in Los Feliz. Zach is also the opening act for Bob the Drag Queen, the most recent winner of RuPaul's Drag Race.

This past year Zach dove into the world of indie filmmaking with his writing/directing debut "KILLER FRIENDS," of which he also stars. The short film has been an official selection at countless festivals across the globe and recently won "Audience Award for the Run of the Fest" at Dances With Films, earning it an official theatrical release at Laemmle Theatres and Academy Award consideration. Not bad for a newbie!

Can't get enough of ZNT?? Download Verizon's Go90 app and you'll find Zach as one of the newest hosts of "The Elite Daily Show" bringing a humorous voice to generation Y, five days a week. And for unsolicited pictures of his butt, head right on over to instagram where he's made it a personal goal to give his sweet, sweet Mother a heart attack.









TWITTER: @ZachNoeTowers

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