Nicole Dabeau


Nicole Dabeau is a TV personality and thought leader from Dallas‚ Texas‚ presently residing in Los Angeles‚ California. A proven professional and entrepreneur who has worked widely across visual and digital media‚ an overview of Nicole’s career illustrates an enduring love for ongoing personal growth‚ and the service of others.


A graduate of Marymount California University (majoring in marketing and theatre)‚ since the beginning education and proactive learning has been a cornerstone of Nicole’s career.  This passion for ongoing growth has always been at the heart of all Nicole’s pursuits‚ across her work in media‚ thought leadership, and business.


Beginning her career as a host and correspondent for Entertainment Tonight in 2009‚  Nicole quickly established herself as a rare and unique presenter. Though always dedicated and professional‚ Nicole’s energy and passion for media was an undercurrent throughout her daily work. This rare combination of professionalism and personal passion quickly saw Nicole progress though her TV career‚ subsequently holding roles with Fox Sports‚ AT&T Uverse and Redbull‚ before ultimately returning to the Fox Sports family once more in her latest role as a host of Fox Sports’ “@ the Buzzer”.


Nicole has continued to enjoy enviable success in media‚ but in more recent years she has also diversified her career in service to others. Having faced a traumatic birthing experience with the arrival of her daughter Charlie‚ and thereafter diagnosed with postpartum depression‚ Nicole avowed during this difficult time to use her experience and skills to grow awareness and dialogue surrounding the challenges facing modern women.


As a lifelong feminist and keen conversationalist‚ this goal has given rise to Nicole’s emergence as one of America’s most engaging new thought leaders. Now writing regularly at‚  Nicole is presently building a platform that seeks to be a source of comfort‚ inspiration - and yes: cheeky jokes and occasional puns! - for all women who seek to share in the challenges and celebrations of contemporary motherhood.


In complement to her pursuits within TV and digital media‚ Nicole also maintains an entrepreneurial career as founder of the Fem‚ an LA-based network of wellness and collaborative spaces for women.


When away from work Nicole is a devoted mother to Charlie‚ a keen meditator‚ and proud fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Nicole is also a communitarian‚ and retains a strong interest in humanitarian work‚ informed by her time as a volunteer teacher in Zambia‚ Africa during 2008.







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