Lauren Barnette


Lauren Barnette is your quintessential southern belle — born and bred in Virginia — one part fun-witted, one part sassy and all parts entertainer. From childhood, Lauren was a showstopper. As early as 4, her weapon of choice was the microphone, which was the start of a fabulous relationship for the two.

Throughout her formative years, LB accumulated more tiaras than knee-scrapes. Her passion for entertaining led her to win the title of Miss Virginia Teen USA 2002. While her peers got their driver’s licenses, she landed the cover of Pageantry magazine. This was the appetizer for her 2007 Miss Virginia USA title. Her hometown rooted her on as she finished 6th at the nationally televised Miss USA pageant. As the roller-coaster year came to a close, Lauren hosted her first Miss Virginia USA show, televised live to thousands of viewers. Reading her first teleprompter, she felt right at home, with her trusted microphone in hand.

The city of Los Angeles welcomed LB with open arms in 2009. She quickly booked a music video for country star, Randy Houser, and landed a gig as a briefcase model on NBC's hit show, Deal or No Deal.  From interviewing Hollywood royalty on the red carpet to showing off her acting chops on commercial sets, Lauren pushes herself to expand her brand with every move she makes. In 2016, Lauren created BeautyTherapy.Life to help women from all walks of life foster and develop their inner beauty.

After years of being under a microscope and focusing on external beauty, Lauren has decided to flip the script — making her life’s mission to empower women to feel beautiful from the inside out. Lauren knows first-hand that inner beauty never fades, and that it can shine brighter when fostered and developed. LB’s Beauty Therapy is a toolbox for women to self-empower and reconnect to their inner beauty. Through authentic stories, transparent blogs and powerful multimedia content, this online community will nurture a connection to the deepest and truest source of everlasting beauty.

Oh, and in her spare time, Lauren lives for good food, Pilates and spending time with her two pups, Lilly and Layla. She is curiously protective over her stash of dill pickles and becomes incredibly irritable if she doesn’t take at least two bubble baths a day. From time to time, she loves to get lost all over the globe in exotic locales, while ensuring never to take herself too seriously.




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