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For all you Foodies out there, meet Lani Nishiyama - Chef, Blogger and fellow Food Enthusiast. Just like you, she loves to eat and she loves to drink! Lani comes from a Foodie Family, growing up in the restaurant industry her entire life. As a child, her family moved their bread company, King's Hawaiian, from Hawai'i to California. They left the Islands, but kept their passion for Hawaiian cuisine.

Naturally, Lani started working in the food biz and has since worked her way up the ladder - starting as a busser and ending up as a general manager. Her career in the restaurant industry has allowed her to see food from all angles.

During Lani's college days at USC, she realized the significance of her cooking skills. She taught her roommates how to use a rice cooker and create delicious meals on a college student budget. Lani truly enjoyed entering her adult life surrounded by the essence of food, because it formed lasting relationships and brought people closer together.

Now, Lani has taken her passion to an entirely new level, sampling food and drinks from all over the country. The tables have turned and she wants to hear from you! From a local bar to a 5 star restaurant, Lani introduces America's Got Taste, where "you ate it, you rate it!"  







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