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Hi Tasters! I'm Lani and like you, I love food, a nice glass of wine after 5pm, and celebrating the joys of life with my loved ones. My appetite for culinary arts propels my passion for fitness…literally. I mean, I earned that IPA brew yesterday after killing it at the gym! I believe living a healthy lifestyle is all about balancing the good for your body with the good for your soul (i.e. stomach).


My grandfather, who always put family first and watched me sing karaoke every waking moment, migrated to Hawai’i with his family as a sugar cane field worker and created an empire with what people know and love today as KINGS HAWAIIAN.  Since then, my hard-working family has done an incredible job elevating and running the business-we are truly a unit.  I am so proud to be part of this!


Personally, I am an entrepreneur, wife and all around lover of taste in food, fashion & fun.  I have grown up in the food industry my whole life and as a tiny-little-Asian-young girl, my family moved from Hawai’i to California.  This was a life changing move for me because I would soon be introduced to new cultures and, of course, new cuisines. I love LA because you can wake up, workout, vitamix a veggie smoothie, eat sushi for lunch, meet friends for happy hour at the local brewery, and then head home to make your husband carne asada.


Personally, food has always been at the center of my life... And where there is food, there is fashion, fun and entertainment.  In college (FIGHT ON!), I was the host of every dinner party for my friends, probably because I was the only one who could cook lol.  And now, I am the host of every dinner party for my husband every night! Welcome to America’s Got Taste! Where you taste it, you rate it!



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