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Kerry Feirman was born in Palo Alto California. Growing up, like many younger siblings, Kerry wanted to be just like her big bro, so she followed in his lead and participated in every possible sport – Baseball, basketball, football, swimming, gymnastics, dance, and of course, tennis. Kerry was a tomboy with a capital T! She even had a short “bull cut” hairstyle, and wore baggy clothes like the boys. Hard to believe today, but yes, this really happened lol. Once highschool hit though, this little tomboy blossomed into quite the fashionista. Never losing her tomboy side, but getting more in touch with her feminine side as well. A total “contradiction” as guys would say to her. A sporty girl who could give any guy a run for their money, yet also a girly girl who was always up on the latest trends.  These characteristics stuck with Kerry and ultimately led her to where she is today as the host and creator of “Talk Tennis.” A sporty, yet a hip and edgy brand. “Look good. Feel good. Play good,” is her moto.

Along with sports, growing up Kerry competed in beauty pageants, took dance and gymnastics, and became one of the few of a small group of highly sought after theater kids in the Bay Area. Kerry worked with multiple professional theater companies, winning lead roles in plays such as; Heidi, What Part Will I play, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Bye Bye Birdie, and many more. Kerry also was a regular correspondent for the WB Kids Club, and was featured in Seventeen Magazine.

While Kerry had athletic skills in many sports, Tennis was her true love. She played #1 singles on her highschool team, and then went on to play Division 1 college tennis at UCSB, for a short period of time. ultimately school and academics . . .and well, getting the “college experience” got the best of her.  While Kerry may have put her racquet down for a period of time, her artsy side remained active as she still commuted back and forth through her college years to Los Angeles for Auditions, while also spending the summers in Los Angeles for this purpose, and one summer attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood. Also, always intrigued by stories and words, and always one with an expressive point of view, Kerry graduated with Dean’s Honors in writing and journalism.

After college, Kerry moved to Los Angeles where she put her personality and creative drive to work in the acting and hosting world, while also thriving in the corporate hospitality world. Here because of her spunky, often quirky, confident, feminine yet total guys girl personality, she built a large rolodex of athlete clients. Talking sports, constantly being around athletes, following a story, loving the high of the camera, and not one shy about being herself - blending passions of broadcast journalism, hosting, and digital production, was an obvious next move.

Today, Kerry travels all over the world with her show, TALK TENNIS, covering spectacular tennis events, interviewing major ATP and WTA stars, participating in big tennis events, and Emcee’ing events. She has collaborated with many sports products and clothing lines including; Tennis Trunk, YTEX Strings, Tennis Warehouse, Racket Expressions, Tail Activewear, and most recently a large up and coming sports brand “NoSweat.” Kerry created and hosted “The Changeover” for magazine, and has been one of the main hosts and Digital Media Partners for such companies and their many events as: ACEing Autism, AYS Sports Marketing, Taste of Tennis, and Madisen’s Match. Kerry’s show TALK TENNIS is regularly featured in Cliff Drysdale’s Tennis Association Newsletter. Kerry worked as the main Digital Media Correspondent for The Tennis Channel for the 2018 Australian Open, and produced and hosted the show “The Daily Mix” for them which was featured on the tennis channel digital platform as well as, and While up to this point Tennis has been Kerry’s main sport, her skills have begun awarding her opportunities in many other sports and entertainment jobs as well. TALK SPORTS is currently under development. Be it overall coverage of an event, interviews, red carpets, etc., Kerry’s preparation, combined with her skill, experience, and natural ability will deliver those “money shots” of content. She has been getting called, the “Joan River’s of Sports.” What a compliment!


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Host of “Fantasy Sports Girls”
Digital Content Producer + Host of “The Changeover”/Regular Contributing Journalist to Magazine
Digital Content Producer + Host of “The LA Tennis Bash”
First Break
Digital Content Producer + Host for all ACEing Autism Events around the US
Aceing Autism
Digital Content Producer/Host/Emcee of events
Madison's Match
Digital Content Producer + Host of “Taste of Tennis”
AYS Sports Marketing
Digital Content Producer + Host of “Tennis With The Stars”/Regular contributing Journalist to newsletter
Digital Content Producer + Host of “The Daily Mix”
Tennis Channel