Kelly Sullivan Walden


Kelly Sullivan Walden is on a mission to awaken the world to the power of dreams.

She is the author of the brand new bestselling book, The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary, and eight other books including Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams & Premonitions I Had The Strangest DreamIt’s All In Your Dreams,  Dreaming Heaven, Dream Oracle Cards, Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen, and Goddess Queen Pearls of Wisdom Journal

Kelly is jokingly called the Lovechild of Carl Jung and Lucille Ball…and has reached millions of people with her fun and illuminating message on national talk shows such as Doctor Oz, Ricki Lake, The Real, Bethenny, Huffington Post Live, Coast to Coast,Playboy radio, Jenny McCarthy radio, and FOX news. What jumpstarted her media career was at age 21 being on an episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” as she was crowned “Miss Public Nuisance of Beverly Hills” as a publicity stunt for an art gallery she worked at on Rodeo Drive.

She began her dream career at age five. Kelly and her younger sister shared a room growing up and often shared dreamscapes. They would discuss their dreams every morning and compare notes about what they thought they meant.

Since those early years, Kelly has grown into a trusted advisor, coach and consultant, enriching the lives of countless individuals, including Fortune 500 executives, UN ambassadors, celebrities,  entrepreneurs,  inner-city kids, and stay-at-home moms.

She is a well-known dream expert, bestselling author, certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker, TV personality, and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training and The Dream Project, a non-profit organization inspiring children to solve global issues described in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Kelly is also the program director of the CHIME IN (The Change Is Me) Youth Ambassador Program, an international, youth-driven, adult-supported initiative that educates the future (compassionate) leaders of the world by inspiring self-responsibility, endowing cutting edge leadership skills, and providing the platform for them to “chime in” and make a positive difference in the world. She recently brought her group to Guatemala and partnered with in the building of 10 homes in a slum.

A bridge from the physical to the meta-physical, for the past 18 years, Kelly has been synthesizing multiple psychological and spiritual systems into what has become her holistic way of coaching that supports people in living their Hero’s Dream Journey on a mind, body, spirit, and soul level. Some of these systems include DreamWork, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life-Visioning, Affirmative Prayer, Human Design, Brain Dominance, Sub-Personality Work, Archetypal Psychology, and Shamanism. In her latest book, The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary, Kelly helps people shine a light on their romantic lives and teaches how to:

  • Re-member nighttime dreams
  • Interpret dreams
  • Become fluent in the language of dreams
  • Mine the gold from dreams
  • Re-enter the dreamscape to transform unpleasant dreams (aka nightmares) into rocket fuel for your soul’s evolution (aka dream alchemy)
  • Sleep their way to success

She is thrilled to empower you to understand the language of your dreams, so that you can stop taking your dreams lying down, and more powerfully live the life of your dreams…in your love life and in all ways!




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