James Simmons


James is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and host of The Daily Dose where everyday viewers get clear, judgment free, no bullshit answers to all those questions they are too scared to ask their doctor!

James grew up in Omaha, Nebraska – beginning his professional career in marketing & promotions for a radio station group in Des Moines. That’s where he fell in love with media. But he knew that being an outspoken, bi-racial, gay guy in Iowa wasn’t going to fly. So he moved to Chicago and found himself working on a career as a PR and communications professional for amazing companies like VelocityEHS, Quaker Oats and PepsiCo. During this journey, however, James had a tiny voice in his head saying, “You want to be in healthcare.” That damn tiny voice just kept getting louder until he finally decided to listen to it! So, he went to graduate school to become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.

But that love of media never disappeared. And that’s how Ask The NP came to be. James believes that nothing is more important than our health and nothing has a bigger impact on our daily lives than social media. He has merged his two loves to truly transform how the world receives information about health.

James also currently practices as an Internal Medicine Hospitalist in Los Angeles. He has more than six years critical care experience, which basically means he’s seen a lot of crazy shit. He is also published in peer-reviewed medical & nursing journals as an expert in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (The Nurse Practitioner, May 2015) and Narcolepsy (Consultant 360 Magazine, July 2015).

Just “Ask The NP” where James keeps it real, keeps it casual and keeps it all about the viewer! 




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