Jack Hind


“You can take the boy out of Essex, but you can’t take Essex out of the boy.”

Jack Charles Hind is the cheeky chappy who, despite his matchless ability to stir (or rather, tip) the pot or spark up a heated debate, never fails to woo his opponent quickly thereafter with his alluring charm. Jack leaves no frenemy behind, as a simple smirk or casual, “Cheers, Mate!” is more than enough to win over even the coldest of hearts.

Jack made his on-camera debut at the tender age of 9, playing a young Alec Baldwin in the TV movie, ‘Second Nature.’ It was at this time that Jack realized his passion for the Performing Arts, and luckily for him, he had the magnetic personality and charisma to match.

Shortly thereafter, Jack and family moved from London to the lavish land of Louis, Louboutins, Lamborghinis and – camels?? We know this hotspot as none other than, Dubai, to which Jack owes his ever expensive taste and healthy appetite for competition.  Who wouldn’t feel the need to boast about living in a country that has 3 man-made islands, and – get this – NO TAX?!

At 17 years old, Jack waved goodbye to Mum and Dad and relocated to Los Angeles, where he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Following his 10-month course at AADA, Jack realized that being himself proved to be just as, if not more fulfilling than playing a character; and if he could entertain people as Jack Hind, then bloody hell, Jack Hind he would be. Enter stage left – Marki Costello.

Shortly after enrolling in Marki’s Become A Host courses, Jack was nabbed by the popular fan show network, TheStream.TV. His natural ability to engage and relate to his audience has lent to his increased involvement with the net. Currently, you can catch Jack as Host on The Flash After Show, Arrow After Show, Legends of Tomorrow After Show, and various other segments that stream LIVE via TheStream.TV on a week-to-week basis.

No feat is too great in the eyes, mind and heart of Jack Hind. His passion for life and people is unwavering, and his unfiltered personality is one for the books. He may tend to talk too much at times (correction – all of the time), but his voice is what matters. Or perhaps, it’s his charming British accent – you decide. ;)



YOUTUBE: http://ow.ly/XIxz305L4ef

TWITTER: @JackHind

INSTAGRAM: @jackhind23

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Legends of Tomorrow After Show
Arrow After Show
The Flash After Show
American Crime After Show
Last Night On
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