Devon Stewart


Devon Stewart is the guy friend you didn't even know you had.

Hailing from Katy, TX, this superhero-loving, loud-mouth country boy was always known as the class clown. At age 18, after years of restlessness and repeat visits to the principal's office, Devon decided to make the move to Los Angeles where he could put his personality to work.

Whether it's hosting, voiceover, acting, stand-up or even stunt work, Devon's skillset runs the gamut. Think of him as a Swiss Army knife in entertainment. 

Devon's animated personality and enthusiasm have landed him spots on multiple platforms, including a recent guest appearance on Disney Interactive's Oh My Disney, a recurring spot on MTV's Chelsea Settles, and a host role on Cricket Wireless's LIVE: The Tale of the Merrier Carrier, which received a Guinness World Record for longest running live-streamed commercial. Much of Devon's fan base, however, began with his debut as a host on one of theStream.TV's most watched shows, The Flash After Show. The popular after show garnered over 1,000,000 views with it's fan-centric vibe and charismatic cast. Devon, aka "the #1 Flash fan," found himself in his element, getting to fanboy over his all-time favorite superhero on a weekly basis - a task he's been "trained" in since childhood. His passion and knowledge for comic culture have since landed him spots on The CW's Fan Feast, chatting all things DC TV.

Additionally, Devon is an accomplished voiceover artist - a success he also owes in part to his childhood years. Cartoons and puberty armed this comedic powerhouse with the baritone voice of a late-night radio DJ, and the vocal range of dozens of characters. He voiced multiple characters in the documentary, Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot with Octavia Spencer, and has been in the studio with Klasky Csupo and even Adult Swim. 

On any given day, Devon is beyond happy to talk for hours on end about...well, just about anything. His 3 main go-to's: Basketball - his all-time favorite sport, The Flash - his all-time favorite superhero, and Willard Christopher Smith Jr. - his all-time favorite human, who you probably shouldn't talk about unless you have something nice to say...for your own safety. 

Determined to make his mark in entertainment, Devon continues to put his unstoppable work ethic to use. Keep your eyes to the sky, you'll see what he's talking about real soon.



TWITTER: @DevonDStewart - 4k 

INSTAGRAM: @DevonDStewart - 1.6k

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