Denise Jones


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Denise Jones is an African-American and Mexican American online personality who has established her career in pop culture. She served as a long-time on-air producer at Power 106. It was Denise's quick- witted charm and genuine spirit that made her so appealing to listeners, and soon had Revolt TV taking notice. In 2013, she began hosting live television with Revolt Live as well as becoming their online correspondent. In 2014, because of her collegiate athlete background, she became a consultant for both Nike and Adidas.

She also has a wide range of experience in marketing, social media and advertising inspiring her to co-found Hubwav Media in 2016 and stand as the editor-in-chief as well as the chief content officer. That same year, she became an on-air reporter with The Fumble, reporting all trending sport stories. Within a few months, she got on the radar for The Young Turks and they reached out to be their co-lead host for their sports channel. It was at TYT Sports that she reported one-hour sports news, covered carpets and talked sports culture (i.e. sneakers, more than an athlete, etc). Lately, her focus has been with Nike and Uninterrupted hosting their “Just Do It HQ” podcast where she has in-depth interviews with athletes and trainers on their journey and what their future plans are. 

Most Recent Activity:

Host of the Nike, Just Do It HQ Podcast

Radio Personality on Power 106 LA

TV Personality at The Young Turks

TV Personality on Lakers Nation

Host of Yahoo, Mostly Football Show

Event Host for Nike and Adidas


INSTAGRAM: @youknowdenise

TWITTER: @youknowdenise

FACEBOOK: @youknowdenise

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