Arto Saari


Skateboarder. Photographer. Cinematographer.

Arto Saari is a professional skateboarder born in Seinajoki, Finland. He's been one of the most celebrated skateboarders of our time, while starring in several skate films and elevating the standard in the industry. 

Arto's story is nothing short of miraculous. Obviously he's naturally gifted and skated his ass off as a kid, but his rise to prominence is like no one else's. If you wanted to describe it to someone who doesn't skate, you could say: Imagine a boy from a faraway country showing up at the World Series and asking if he can play. And not only does he play, but he hits four home runs and becomes the MVP. That's basically what Arto did; he showed up at the best place to show off your skills as a walk-on, and kicked off one of the most apex (that's Arto's word for amazing) skate careers of all time.  




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