Annabelle DeSisto


What do you get when you combine the looks of a Kardashian and the mouth of Daniel Tosh? You get a combination of the 2 Broke Girls - That, or Annabelle DeSisto. 

The only thing stronger than Annabelle's eyebrows is her point-of-view - Yet both have been key contributors to her success as a comedian, writer, host, blogger and producer. She's worked for an all-male rock radio station, written jokes for one of the greatest comedy legends of all time, and launched a successful, online blog thanks to her unique ability to watch a minimum of 14 hours of TV a day. 

During college, Annabelle began interning for the #1 morning radio show in her home state of Florida. It wasn't long, however, before the DJ's overheard her talking (loudly) about the celebrity dirt of the day, and realized her talents were better suited in front of the microphone. She became a regular part of the show and was given the role of Assistant Producer.

After a year on the radio show, Annabelle was offered an internship at an all-male rock radio station in Seattle. The idea of moving to a town where the official uniform is flannel, was a scary thought for Annabelle. Not to mention, the hardest rock she had on her iPod was Avril Lavigne, which was easily the equivalent of sending Elle Woods to work at the Juggalo festival. But she embraced the opportunity nonetheless, and it quickly turned out to be one of the best career moves she's ever made. Annabelle instantly became a hit with the fans, prompting the all-male rock radio show to bring her on as their first female co-host. They sent her out to do their "man-on-the-street" segments, which quickly became the stations most-watched videos. Her role at the station continued to grow - she was sent to Comic-Con in costume, various tattoo conventions and even Weed Fest. Trying to conduct interviews with people who have been high all day is a difficult undertaking, but Annabelle pulled it off.

It wasn't until getting kicked out of the Seattle Mariners stadium at Fan Fest, that Annabelle realized her true knack for pushing the limits, asking interview questions such as: "Do you think A-Rod REALLY has a painting of him as a centaur over his bed?" and "What do you think is the approprate base to get to on a first date?" Was she kicked out for not asking "normal baseball questions" while wearing a sexy baseball Halloween costume? Yes. But that's what good reporters do!

After a year of becoming the fearless and funny female of the show, Annabelle was offered a full-time contract. She turned it down - her reason being that she was tired of being the only orange person in Seattle. She packed up and relocated to Los Angeles, where she decided to try stand-up comedy.

Annabelle's comedy sets really made her standout from other comics -- not just because of her outfits, but because she was able to comfortably voice what everyone else was thinking, but afraid to say out loud.  

She performed weekly at The Comedy Store, and soon all across America at various comedy festivals in Las Vegas, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston and New York City. During her set in Atlanta, Annabelle was recognized by a producer from the Chelsea Handler show. The following week, she was called in for a meeting at the homeland, E! Entertainment, where she was offered the chance to work for her idol of idols - the legendary Joan Rivers. Annabelle became a joke writer for Fashion Police, where every week she got to hear one of the greatest comedians of all time say her jokes. While writing for Fashion Police, Annabelle also became a script supervisor and writer for E!'s Good Work

Her on-camera work includes a Bravo pilot called Surivival Guide, for which she conducted talking-head segments all about the dating and relationship world. Most recently, she hosted a pilot about a comedic take on everything supernatural. She interviewed everyone from psychic mediums, to alien and ghost hunters. 

Annabelle currently writes a funny, successful blog called "Adderall and Compliments," in which she recaps all of your favorite reality TV shows. 

She is a single mom to 3 cats and an Aries vegetarian - which probably sums up EVERYTHING you need to know about her.



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